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We exist to appreciate teachers, reduce teacher attrition and strengthen the foundation of education.  

Will you help us support the foundation on which we all stand?

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WHO We Are

We are relentless advocates, supporters and partners who have a heart for all teachers and the important work they do.

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What We Do

We intentionally create relevant products and services and invigorating events to support and encourage teachers.

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Why we do it

We are bound and determined to work tirelessly to build up the most noble profession in the world.

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Accord to a RAND Survey which collected data stating reasons teachers are leaving the profession, the top reason listed was stress. This stress comes from a range of issues with a major issue being bad behavior. In an article from CNBC, one teacher wrote that after working with students who were falling further behind, and constantly breaking up fights, he was exhausted. He finally decided to look for other opportunities. There are so many stories like his, which is why we must continue on our mission to support teachers!

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There's so much that teachers face, but many things are not seen. Read to gain more insight.

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You make our programs possible & your support is saving the foundation of education

Your donation makes a difference in the lives of teachers and the children they teach

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Be ready to jump right in the fun and create valuable experiences for teachers

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                           (TAG is an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to making the lives of teachers better)

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Helping teachers, daycare providers, parents and grandparents manage bad behavior

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” TAG adds this phrase to that saying…”It takes a village to teach a child how to behave.” Therefore, we have products that provide help teachers need. Each book in this series includes strategies that will help teachers effectively continue their calling to prepare our children and young people for the future. You can help by making a donation or purchasing a book to donate.

Either way you are helping teachers positively impact the next generation!

Teachers Appreciation guild

Supporting the foundation on which we all stand

                                                                    Making the lives of teachers better all over the world

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