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The Teachers Appreciation Guild is an organization of impact!
Therefore, we offer books that will make a positive impact on kids, teachers, parents and the entire village of those who aim to make a contribution to the future of young people.

Teachers, Protect yourself against negativity

Prepare yourself for this school year

Has this pandemic made you wonder why you ever started teaching?

Learn about 6 ways you will make an impact this year!

Teachers, Don't teach this year without reading this book!

An inspirational comparison between the ministry of jesus and the journey of a teacher

Every year you affect the lives of so many kids. Now it’s time for you to discover exactly how you are affecting them and how you are impacting the world. In this book you will learn six ways you positively affect the young people that you teach, and you will be inspired to keep making a difference on your own unforgettable teacher’s journey.

Our Products

The Unforgettable Teacher's Journey

Looking for inspiration to go back to school? Don't teach this year without reading this book!

Dark Thunder is Born
Attacking bad behavior one lesson at a time

A children's book about "Dark Thunder" who teaches kids about following directions!

THis series is based on the children's book "Dark Thunder is Born"
It takes a village to teach a child to behave, therefore each of these books are written to include all members of the village!

Grandparent Edition

It takes a village to raise a child and teach them to behave. Grandparents are a part of a child’s village. This book gives every grandparent practical strategies to help their grandchildren with their behavior.

Daycare Edition

Daycare centers are a part of every child’s village too. Daycare teachers are a valuable part of the education and behavior management for every child. This book has everyday lessons and activities to help children follow directions.

Parent Edition

Parents are the central point of every child’s village. In this book, parents receive specific strategies that will help guide their children down the right road to good behavior.

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As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” TAG adds this phrase to that saying…”It takes a village to teach a child how to behave.” Therefore, we have created products that provide help teachers need. Each book includes strategies that will help teachers effectively continue their calling to prepare our children and young people for the future.

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                               TAG is an organization that uses fact-based learning and fact-based solutions one lesson at a time

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